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At DJ Collections we have over 20 years of experience in the collections industry. We offer a comprehensive range of debt recovery services for Business 2 Business Debts, from debtor tracing to bailiffs – Process Serving of documents to High Court Enforcement.

How much will it cost to recover my debt?

We offer three main debt collection services., depending on how large your debt is, any collection fee charged is levied on the invoice total only, meaning any statutory compensation or statutory interest is kept in full by you. This is designed to compensate you for your debt collection costs.

Standard Letter Before Action Service & Report

  • We offer a letter before action service where we give your debtor full and final notice of legal proceedings with a letter advising the debtor they are required to make payment in full with 7 working days.
  • This Service includes a free Company or director report of your choice allowing you to make an educated decision on litigation.

Debts between £1 - £550 - Debt Recovery Letter Service cost

  • Our Debt Recovery letter service is our cost effective collection service aimed at smaller debts where cost collection must remain viable. We charge an up-front fee of £25.00 with no commission on any payments received. Our Debt Recovery Letter service is a great introduction to our services and expertise and is often used as a stepping stone by new clients who then go on to use our full range of debt recovery solutions.

Debts between £551 - £2500 - Debt Recovery cost

£29.95 + 10% collection fee
  • Our Tier 1 service is our cost effective collection service aimed at smaller debts where cost collection must remain viable. We charge a registration fee of £29.95 plus a 10% collection commission on any payments received.
  • Our Tier 1 service represents excellent value for money and is an ideal solution for collecting the majority of Business debts.

Our Tier 2 Service for Debts Over £2500.00

£50.00 plus between 4% - 10% collection fee
  • Our Tier 2 service is our premium debt recovery service aimed at larger debts where our full resources are called for. We charge a registration fee of £50 plus a collection commission which varies from 4% – 10% on any payments received.
  • This service includes many additional benefits including a dedicated client reporting system, free company searches and reports.

Statutory interest

You are entitled to charge – again we calculate it for you automatically – statutory interest. This is calculated at 8.5% above the Bank of England base rate. A reference rate every 6 months is used to work out the interest as base rate fluctuates. Use the form below to see how much interest you are entitled to. Again its worked out on a per invoice basis. The date contract formed field is purely to check that the debt was incurred after the act came into force, so you don’t have to put an exact date in for this.

Invoice Amount up to £999.99p

Invoice Amount £1000.00 to £9,999.99p

Invoice Amount £10,000 or more

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Working in partnership with our Clients we offer a wide range of services that ultimately maximise the prospect of effective recovery. We are dedicated to supporting our Clients and our hands on service and clear approach aide accurate provision for recovery of funds.

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