Choosing the right Enforcement Agency is always an important decision.

When choosing an Enforcement Agency to carry out Enforcement on your behalf here are the things you should be asking for before you make any decision on engaging them to carry out any action on your behalf.

Please remember that when any agent carries out any action on your behalf you may be held accountable for their actions.

  1. Is the company established? You can check out limited companies online by going to Companies House.
  2. Do the directors have an history of opening and closing businesses? This can be checked at Companies House.
  3. Does the Company have the relevant insurance in place for the day to day running of their business? This should include Public Liability, Employer Liability, Professional Indemnity and Directors Indemnity.
  4. If you are asking the company to collect monies for you do they have a dedicated “Client Account” as directed under the National Standards for Enforcement Agents?
  5. If the company is carrying out the removal of trespassers from your land or property ensure that they will provide you with a “Risk Assessment” and have had the relevant training to carry out the task allowing them to comply with section 2.2 of the Health & Safety at work Act.
  6. Do they have a complaints procedure and is this clearly identifiable and obtainable via their website and do the Enforcement Agents carry a copy as directed under the National Standards for Enforcement Agents?
  7. Does the company offer real time reporting or Client Access to their Case Management System allowing you to update and retrieve information quickly and securely?
  8. Has the company shared their Data Protection Policy with you?
  9. Is the Company a member of a trade body allowing you access to another level of complaint or redress like HCEOA or CIVEA?
  10. Are the Enforcement Agents used by the Enforcement Company a member of a trade association like the CEAA?
  11. Ensure that any instructions are done in writing allowing to protect your interests.

At Wolf Enforcement Services we make sure that every box is ticked and that we will provide our clients the best service possible.


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