Debt Collection

At Wolf Enforcement Services we have over 20 years of experience in the collections industry. We offer a comprehensive range of debt recovery services for all types of businesses.

We try and keep things as simple and straightforward as possible at Wolf Enforcement Services.
Unpaid debts have an enormous impact on businesses of all sizes.
You need to act quickly and efficently to ensure that invoices are paid without them causing unhelpful hardship.
We can tailor our debt collection services to meet your needs on an individual ad hoc basis or as an ongoing retainer to to be there for you whenever you need us.
We simply ask you to send us your details and those of the debtor, and a copy of the outstanding invoice/s, latest statement or outline of the amount of debt and a brief explanation of the situation.
This will be acknowledged, usually the same day, and if necessary we will request further information or clarity from you.
Our Debt Collection Team will then work on your behalf, to recover your debt/s. If this involves litigation work, there are no additional fees to pay us*.
In the event of a matter needing court action, we will advise accordingly, and if you are happy to proceed, we will refer you to one of our panel of Solicitors
We will handle debts of any age (subject to law of limitation), although the quicker debts are submitted, the better the chances of success.
Each debt is treated on a individual basis
We will take on disputed debts at our standard commission fee.
In the event of the debtor having disappeared, we offer a tracing service. This facility is available as a standalone facility if required. The cost of this service is £50 for a successful outcome. No charge for a negative trace.
Once we recover your money, we will invoice you for our commission fee at the pre-agreed rate.
We can also provide a full company status report, usually the same working day, at a cost of £15.00. The information provided includes:
Company contact details, credit rating, registered charges, full share details, details of any CCJs, directors details and last 3 years profit & loss accounts.
* All Court Fees would need to be paid by the client

Pre Litigation Process

On the 1st October 2017, a new “Pre Litigation Process” was put in to place for any business chasing a debt from an individual or Sole Trader.
We fully comply with all protocols to ensure your case is watertight in the event of court action,

What happens after I instruct you ?

Once your instruction request is received the following will happen:
  • One of our team checks what your requirements are.
  • We check the fee is agreed.
  • Your case is loaded onto our online management system.
  • The system emails you confirmation of your instruction.
Instructions received outside of business hours are dealt with the next business day.
  • One of the team will allocate the case to a case manager
  • The case manager will determine the next process and add it to the case management system.
  • As actions are completed the case management system is updated.
  • When payment is received we deduct our fee and transfer the balance to you.
If the debtor does not pay we will discuss further options with you:
  • Undertake a door-step visit.
  • Commence legal proceedings.
We discuss with you the options available, and keep you informed of the progress.

Typical Collection Commission


Debts Up to £999.99


£1000 to £9999.00


£10,000 or more

Debt Collection

Our Debt Collection service offers a one-stop collection service from Reminder letter to Enforcement via our High Court Teams.

Commercial Rent

Our Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery service allows us to recover unpaid rent without a court order.

Process Serving

Our process serving service allows us to serve those valuable documents anywhere in England and Wales through our network of Process Servers.


The tracing of Debtor’s and Tenant’s who need to be served with documents or the enforcement of a court order any where in England and Wales.

There use of a no-nonsense approach to debt collecting. We would have no hesitation is recommending them.

Velcro Williams

Arrivista Ltd

Everyone I came across in the company was knowledgeable, helpful and efficient. Jacqueline De Sousa

Traffic Light Industries

Fast turnaround and at no direct costs to ourselves, could not be happier! Benjamin Challinor

Gadget Guys I.T.

Exceptional service, great customer support and a good result. Would definitely recommend! June Morris

Sport Scape Leisure