Do you know who you are dealing with

Whilst so many businesses offer you bargains and cut-price deals it is always important to remember because you paid less you have any less responsibility especially when it comes to enforcement.

Many of the documents you sign authorising a company to carry out enforcement action on your behalf indemnified the Enforcement Company or its Enforcement Agents to recover any legal cost from you in the event the enforcement goes wrong through no fault of the Enforcement Agent.

But what happens when the Enforcement Agent gets it wrong we’ll as the authorised person taking out the action you are ultimately responsible for paying for costs and fines incurred by the Enforcement Agents actions.  It is down to you to take the relevant legal against the company and or the Enforcement Agent.

so what you should be asking for at the outset is that the company you have instructed have the appropriate insurances to cover their actions.

If the work is for cases regulated under the Tribunals Courts and Enforcements act 2007 Schedule 12 then you have recourse by an EAC2 complaint to the judge about the actions of the Enforcement Agent, The company should have in place Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Employer liability where they are using other people to carry out the duties these people do not need to be employed by the company only under the control.

If the work is none Tribunal Courts and Enforcements Act 2007 schedule 12 like trespasser removal, repossession of commercial and domestic properties then Employee liability, public liability and profession indemnity should be provided.

Checking that a company has all the relevant insurances in place will safeguard and your business   So check before committing to what could be a very expensive exercise if things go wrong.

Please note if you are instructing a person or a limited company who is a sole director or owner who carries out the duties personally with no assistance from a 3rd party Employee liability is not required.

We at Wolf Enforcement Services pride our self not only on providing fast efficient services but by being insured by specialist insurers in the Enforcement industry ensuring not only are our clients protected but every we come in contact with from our highly trained staff to our hand-picked subcontractors.