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There have been exciting developments at Wolf Enforcement Services. Congratulations to our Enforcement Director Daren Shaw who has been voted General Secretary of the Certificated Enforcement Agents Association (CEAA).

In this article we will be looking at what the CEAA is, it’s history and how Andy would like to see the CEAA grow.

How did the CEAA come about?

For a long time there was a long standing professional body that represented the enforcement agencies very well. There was, however, many individuals and some of the smaller companies who felt that the voice of the individual Enforcement Agent was not being represented.

After a number of informal discussions a group of interested parties got together and formed the Certificated Enforcement Agents Association (CEAA).

Here are some of the main laws that affect the daily work of a Certificated Enforcement Agent:

  • 2007 The Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act.
  • 2013 Taking Control of Goods Regulations.
  • 2014 Taking Control of Goods (fees).
  • The name Certificated bailiffs was replaced with Certificated Enforcement agents

What is the CEAA?

The CEAA was formed in 2014. It is an organisation that is managed by a committee of current members who are all current Certificated Enforcement Agents.

The CEAA aim to:

  1. Promote an industry standard of quality service and compliance.
  2. Share knowledge and offer advice in order to support our members.
  3. Represent our members by giving them a voice to air their concerns and of course positive tips for that strange or harder than usual case.
  4. Provide training to keep our members working at the highest standard.

The CEAA Future

In a nutshell, Andy would like to increase the membership in order to bring a stronger voice to the group and provide a network of support through sharing opportunities, experiences and knowledge. He also wants to encourage Certificated Enforcement Agents to progress through the industry by the training and education provided by the CEAA.

If you hold an Enforcement Agent Certificate in England and Wales you can join the by visiting the website of the CEAA.

Daren would like to thank the current Committee of the CEAA for voting him to be the General Secretary. He feels honoured to hold this position and is looking forward to the challenge of helping move the organisation and the industry onwards and upwards.