Group of enfocement agents carrying out protest control

Protestor Removal

Our Specialist Enforcement Removal Teams (S.E.R.T) are trained to the highest standards

Wolf Enforcement Services

Can now provide specialist enforcement removal teams to work under the harshest of conditions, which involve public order situations. The teams are experienced and trained to enter buildings and gain access to land to remove squatters and trespassers including protesters & traveller’s.
The company recognises there is a growing need to provide this removal expertise, to avoid delays. Speed of action is important to reduce the risk of further damage to the property or site. Especially where Enforcement Agents face significant physical resistance and public order risk, and police force resources are stretched. Enforcement Agents and accompanying police risk injury, as they experience missiles being thrown at them. This is whilst the Enforcement Agents are trying to overcome obstacles, which are blocking their access to the building and land that they have been instructed to recover.
Our specialist removal enforcement teams are trained to a very high standard –  equivalent to the Police Tactical Support Unit training – (level 2 public order & level 3 handcuffing). Training is undertaken with a very experienced recently retired Police Officer and the courses follow the police tactical support training manual.

Their kit consists of a transparent intermediate protective shield, a helmet and visor, shin and elbow guards, along with fireproof coveralls when required.
The training includes the use of the shields to approach and provide protective cover. This cover is essential for locksmiths to help the Enforcement Agents gain access to the building and provide ongoing protection, whilst securing the rest of a building. On land and large sites, it also enables large barriers and obstacles to be secured and safely removed. The Tactical Enforcement Agents are also all trained First Aider’s.
Enforcement Agents are finally selected for this specialist service during training. They will be chosen when they consistently perform as natural team members – even when subjected to extreme pressurised situations. This is key to ensure the Enforcement Agent will work within a tight unit under the most challenging of circumstances. To maintain the high standard required, each Enforcement Agent attends three refresher courses per year. Clients can therefore be assured that professional reputation is safeguarded.

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