Changes to thresidential repoe Assured Shorthold Tenancies (AST) with changes from October 1st 2018




The new deregulation act came in beginning of this month and landlords should ensure that the documents are served on their tenants, failure to comply may cause issues for the landlord if they need to gain possession of the property.

For those landlords that haven’t served therequired paperwork here is what is required.

  • How to rent,  ( )
  • EPC
  • Gas safety certificate
  • HMO Certicate

Now is the time to do it and it’s advisable to do it before you offer a new tenancy, it is always adviable to ensure you obtain proof of the issue of the documents to the tenant by getting them to sign for them.

When issuing the “How to Rent” you should always ensure that you are issuing the most up todate copy of the document, and this should be noted on your document of proof by noting the “How to Rent” issue date on page 2.

When you issue the a new tenancy you should ensure all the documents are issued again and ensure your new tenancy agreement has the prescribed terms written into it.

Getting your legal paperwork correct is very important and should be done prior to tenant taking occupancy of the property, With so much legislation required when letting a property, with more obligations placed on landlords and increased red tape it is imperative that these steps are followed..

I will present a short video on this next week.

Landlords can’t afford to get it wrong any longer as the consequences is the inability to bring a section 21 claim for possession resulting in the only option would be a timely and expensive section 8 claim.

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