The right to be informed of Legal proceedings

It is a fundamental principal of justice that a party is entitled to know the nature of the case against them. Further, whenever a party on either side of proceedings intends to rely on a document as part of their case it is almost inevitable that the other side will be entitled to see it. Service describes the process of sending or delivering documents to a party in court proceedings.

What this means is a Landlord, a business or an individual must make an effort to trace the debtor allowing them their article 6 rights under the European Courts of Human Rights, UK Law  CPR 6.

Service Under the Civil Procedure Rules

Part 6 of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) sets out the modern approach to service of court documents. Although special rules apply to some specific documents – for example bankruptcy petitions – most documents are now served by sending them to a party by ordinary pre-paid post.

Service is said to be “good” if it complies with the rules.

With many landlords struggling to find tenants that have gone away the use of tracing services is on the increase for not only tracing the debtor but also for finding out if the debtor works and where.

At Wolf Enforcement Services we specialise in tracing absent debtors for Landlords, Businesses and individuals for a wide manner of reasons.

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