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Traveller Removal

Are travellers/trespassers illegally camped upon your private land?
If the answer is yes, then this will almost inevitably lead to damage caused to it, a large mess to clean up, inconvenience to you and large costs for you to have it repaired.

Here at Wolf Enforcement Services

We can help reduce the costs to you and the damage caused to your land, quickly, efficiently and professionally moving them along.

Reporting travellers / trespassers
When you discover travellers/trespassers are on your private land, one simple telephone call to Wolf Enforcement Services will remedy the problem, our specialist eviction team of bailiffs will attend the site, serve them with notice to leave under The Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994 or alternatively, Common Law, giving them 24 hours to vacate the site.

If after the allotted time they are still there our specialist team of removal bailiffs will return to the site and supervise the removal of the travellers/trespassers vehicles and possessions. This procedure is much easier & faster than going through the Courts for a Court Order to have them removed.

Security / Cleaning
We can provide overnight security for the site with a Static Security Guard, Mobile Patrols or Dog Patrols to help ensure your site is secure overnight.
We can even arrange for a clean up crew to clear the site if required.
To instruct us click here to download the “Traveller/Trespasser Removal Form” or contact us. Upon receipt of instructions, we will act promptly and efficiently, normally within a few hours.

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