Wolf Enforcement Services & the CEAA

At Wolf Enforcement Services Ltd we pride ourselves on distilling the ethics of ethical enforcement through our Enforcement Agents; that is why all of our Enforcement Agents are members of the Certificated Enforcement Agents Association and, where possible, we use sub-contractors who are also members of the Certificated Enforcement Agents Association.

At Wolf Enforcement Services Ltd we will aim to fulfil the ethics of the CEAA as stated below:


CEAA Mission Statement

The Association has 5 key aims;

  • To provide a democratic organisation to assist those individuals engaged in enforcement activities and improve their academic, business and practical knowledge.
  • To promote professional standards through improved training and education of all Agents and gaining recognition of Enforcement Agent as a professional.
  • Progress the Association towards a professional Institution, improving understanding of the profession to all.
  • CEAA will provide and deliver training to all those working within the industry through its strategic delivery partners, improving standards of service for all those involved in the enforcement sector.
  • To strive to obtain the endorsement of all those using Enforcement Agents by signing up to our ‘Investors in Enforcement Agents’ accreditation programme.

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