Fantasy con-woman jailed for tricking landlords out of –

£30,000 unpaid rent

Many landlords are now pulling out of the LHA market, mainly out of fear of rent arrears as Universal Credit continues to roll out. One of the big questions that landlords ask all the time
“Why can tenants just spend the money given to them to pay their rent from public funds – this is fraud and they should be prosecuted”.
The answer I have always heard is:
“To take a case for fraud intent at the time of application has to be proven”
I have often argued that once a tenant has done this multiple times “intent” is proven but this has always fallen on deaf ears because no one cares when it’s a landlord who is the victim.

“Fantasy con-woman jailed for tricking landlords out of £30,000 unpaid rent
A fantasist who cheated landlords out of £30,000 in unpaid rent in a bid to portray herself as a wealthy professional has been jailed following an investigation by West Midlands Police fraud detectives.
Diana Dowe told letting agents she was a Deputy Head Teacher at a Sandwell school and even forged a letter from the Head in order to convince property owners she could afford to rent three modern homes in Wolverhampton.
In reality, mum-of-two Dowe had been unemployed since 2009 and had a string of cons to her name, including amassing more than £20,000 from a benefits scam.” More here

This case shows that it is indeed possible and right to take legal action against these tenants. Even if no one cares that landlords are losing thousands of pounds in rent everyone should care that these people are claiming our tax pounds to fund their lifestyles. If this Government are really serious about tackling benefit fraud and reducing the public spend on rents they need to support all local authorities and Police and encourage them to take action against those who claim benefits to keep a roof over their heads and then spend it on anything else.